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In our complex you will find a villa for every taste. At your attention there are 7 Art Nouveau villas for lovers of modern architecture. This complex is called Akamas Turtle Beach. These villas have all the amenities of the modern world.

There is also one villa in the classic Greek style. This Villa is located on the first line of the sea and from its veranda offers a fantastic view of the entire area.


Akamas Turtle Beach project consists of 7 luxury villas built in 2017. All villas are located directly by the sea, next to the Akamas nature reserve. This is a unique natural place with a beach of about two kilometers with a clean and calm sea.


Each villa, except for villa number 1, has a swimming pool. Villas # 1 and # 2 have 3 bedrooms. Villa No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 with 4 bedrooms. Villas # 6 and # 7 have 5 bedrooms. All villas have modern kitchen equipment, central air conditioning, Italian furniture.


Within walking distance there is a 5-star hotel Anassa with a water entertainment complex, a gourmet restaurant and a SPA. On the other hand, the quiet family hotel Aphrodite, where you can always take advantage of an inexpensive local restaurant. Nearby is a tennis court. To the fishing village of Latchi 5 minutes by car. If necessary, transport to Latchi can be arranged on request. It is possible to organize the delivery of fresh sea fish, products from a certified organic farm, dairy products from the village in the reserve. For housewives who want to take a break from the kitchen, it is possible to order a qualified chef. English and music lessons can also be organized for children during the holiday period.


If necessary, you can rent a car from 25 euros per day. From Paphos airport to villas 40 minutes by car. From the airport of Larnaca 1 hour 50 minutes. In the case of car rental, the transfer is free. Renting our villas starts from 170 euros per day, and the price depends on the chosen villa, season and rental time. In more detail it is better to get information by phone or by mail.


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Villa Sandy Beach is the only villa on our site in a truly classic Greek style. This villa is located on the first line from the sea, so there is absolutely nothing separating you from it. You can go to the balcony of your room and enjoy a truly magical seascape. This villa has a large garden with fertile trees, a veranda and a large swimming pool. There is also a rooftop veranda with fantastic views of the sea and the surrounding area.


If you are a lover of Greek architecture, solitude and unspoiled nature, then this villa is for you!

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