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Akamas Turtle Beach

8 luxury villas by the sea in the Akamas national park area.


The park and the beach on which the villas are located is protected by UNESCO, as one of the few places in the Mediterranean Sea where the Mediterranean tortoise lays its eggs.



In the port of Latchi you can rent a boat and travel to Akamas national park, to the blue lagoon or just enjoy the sea far from the coast.

You can also rent ATVs and go on an all-day trip to Akamas to enjoy beautiful views and wildlife.

Rent cars, ATVs, bicycles and everything else that has a wheel here:


For our guests a special discount



Relaxing time - is a time of self-development. You can play tennis with a personal trainer, as well as take yoga and Pilates lessons under the guidance of professional instructors.


English language. Must be planned in advance.

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